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Unzan 75-P

Last shot

As of 7/20/2013 (full sized)

As of 6/27/2013

As of 4/11/2013

As of 3/27/2013

As of 3/11/2013



First Night

So here I go. I started my planted tank journey with a Fluval Edge. I had no idea what I was getting in to and the further I went toward high tech the more difficult it became to manage. Well I finally did it I talked my wife into letting me have a bigger tank (more on that struggle later).

Equipment List

ADA 75-P
Home Made ADA style stand ADA Style DIY Stand
Solar I light
Solar I Arm Stand
Ehiem 2217 Filter
ADA Lily Pipes 13mm Outflow 17mm Inflow
GLA Primo C02 Regulator
GLA 5LB C02 Tank
GLA Atomic Inline Diffuser
Hydor Inline Heater 200W
WeMo Light and C02 timer


ADA Substrate System
Unzan Stone
Ryuoh Stone (This is what I have got it at AFA in SF but I really like the Unzan Stone better)


Hydrocotyle SP
Staurogyne Repens
Micranthenum Micranthemoides
Rotala Rotundifolia


Amano Shrimp
OTO of some kind
Cardinal Tetra

The Start

Side View

Inside Cabinet

Got an LED light from Ikea

Start of the Plumbing & Wiring (sorry it's a little blurry)

So now with the story. Originally this was supposed to be next to my couch in the living room. My edge used to be there and I liked to sit there and day dream while staring at my tank. Got the whole thing together and powered on the light.... The look on my wife's face was well... not good. She did not even say anything but I knew. (those of you who are married know what I mean) I have to admit the light cast on to the couch was like sitting under a baseball stadium light. Well we spent the whole night re-aranging furniture and it all worked out. In retrospect even thought she really does not want a larger tank she was being a champ and trying to make it work because she knew how long I have been planning this. Later on in this process I found out that what she really did not like was the color temperature of the light. The Solar I came with the NAG (green) bulb and I have to say when I plugged it in I thought it was a mistake and I had received a marine bulb on accident it was extremely BLUE. Well I got the regular NA bulb and it is definitely a warmer tone. I know the NAG bulb will burn in to be a warmer color but trying to explain that well.... easier to just change the light.

Here is the NAG bulb (sorry about the cruddy photo)

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