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Smile Introduction and my fluval SPEC V

Hi everyone,

First of all, i'd like to introduce myself. I just got into this hobby about a month ago following my dad's step. I just got my diploma in graphic design last year, and I'm currently taking Independent Illustration program which is interesting and crazy at the same time. I've also been keeping reptiles for a couple of years now.

I saw this tank at a local pet shop, and i finally gave in because i thought the size is perfect for work desk. I got some java moss from the same place (really bad moss), fluval stratum and malaysian driftwoods.

I wasn't happy with my first setup and decided to rescape it after just a week. This time i visited a dedicated aquascaping store (aqua inspiration, Toronto) and i got some plants, ohko stones, and netlea aquasoil and I'm quite happy with my second setup. I didn't really put much thought into my layout, i was basically just going for hardscape/iwagumi kind of style, and i didn't want to spend too much time researching reference for specific layout. So i was basically just improvising a bit

It's been going for about 3 weeks now and last week i put in two amano shrimps. One of them decided to jump out and i found it near my apartment front door, the other one seem to be doing ok, but i don't see it out that often.

After a lot of thinking, i've also decided to make this a semi high-tech tank because my plan of getting a second tank is not doable with the current workload. My finnex fugeray arrived two days ago and I'm very happy with it
so far.My atomic paintball CO2 regulator from GLA is also on it's way.

I also need help IDing the plants, because i was being stupid and wrote down the names on the receipt when i was at the store, and accidentally threw it away so yeah...

Some pictures:

First setup

Second setup

Need help IDing these plants

Thanks for looking!
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