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I've always read Rummynose Tetras are good for beginners and that they have a warning for their keepers. They're red nose will "go out" when the water quality is poor.

Male Odessa barbs are gorgeous. Someone suggested the Diamond tetras because as they mature they become very beautiful and shimmer under light like diamonds. That's pretty cool.
The Red eye was never impressive to me either until I watched some youtube videos. That's a good way to check out fish to see how they look and behave in home aquaria. I too have concidered congos. They are awesome in planted tanks but their colors diminish in sparsley planted tanks. All the videos I've watched of them shows them schooling together, but I've read they are shoalers rather than schoolers. I spose they school when someone is close to the tank and that's why they are always schooling in videos. Hmmm.

I fish I absolutely love, but can not have is the Rummynose Rasbora. So beautiful! Blue body and red head. Requiring very cool water, among other things, they have needs that I cannot meet with my current fish. If I could have another large tank, I would definetely concider 40 of these!

Going to find your new thread now

Originally Posted by driftwoodhunter View Post
I wish I could help you out on your plant quest, but I don't have any of those. I USED to have some, but they got eaten ; )

I've never paid attention to the red eye tetra - I know Petsmart has them, but I guess they never jumped out at me. (I was going to say they never caught my eye...) I did just now google them, and they get to be bigger than I realized, a plus. The scales look like they'd show up large and very metallic, too, like an Odessa Barb (another one I'd like. No room for any more tanks!) So I may have to give them some thought. I wonder how well they school? I've considered Congos and Diamond tetras, but I don't think they school well enough for me - that's my #1 priority. Yes, I know all about rummy nose, but I keep reading how ultra sensitive they are. Scared me off. Now you've given me an idea for a new thread in the fish forum...I guess you're the enabler now - lol.
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