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Originally Posted by c_gwinner View Post
This amazing. Will def follow this one.

Originally Posted by rainbuilder View Post
This looks really cool. These setups of yours always turn out really nice.
Have you ever thought of keeping cockroaches in these manzanita setups? Panchlora nivea would look really cool in one of these in a group.
Thank you! Yes I have thought about using roaches. I acquired a few different species and I have them here. Roaches are perhaps less useful for planted viv displays. Most of them just hide all day long and most will also nibble on any live plant. Panchlora might however be a good one to try because I think that they are somewhat more diurnal in their habits.

Originally Posted by BeachBum2012 View Post
I can't wait to see how this turns out. All of your projects turn out beautifully.
Thank you!

Originally Posted by Robotponys View Post
Ooh exciting! I just re-did my poor A. Metallica's tiny enclosure. It has been cold and dry for over a week (blackout and at dad's house) in there and she was death curling. The new cage has a live moss substrate and live moss for climbing. Only problem is getting the little fast thing back into the little cage...

Once she is bigger I want to design a cage like yours. They are really amazing!
Oh I hope that your spider can recover. They really are cool animals. Avics are well-suited for use in planted viv setups.

Originally Posted by BeachBum2012 View Post
Where do you get your tillys and your identifying information on them? I picked up a few and would live to be able to identify them
There are many Tillandsia sellers online. I got this order from an vendor who had low prices, a wide selection and lots of good reviews.
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