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Originally Posted by 150EH View Post
Rachael I want to put together an order to fill my new 10 gallon tank, I would like a small school of colorful micro fish and a few shy catfish, if possible I would like to keep a breeding population of shrimp in the tank and there are good hiding places for fry, can it be done?

I originally wanted:
1 or 2 Nannoptopoma sp. Peru “Orange”- Orange Zebra Oto
9 to 11 Microdevario kubotai “Neon Yellow Microrasbora” I just love their color
and a dozen Amano shrimp but I couldn't get the tank cycled in time to make an order and you sold out, so this is what I'm thinking now:

3 Hara jerdoni “mini moth catfish” $3.50 ea.
1 male and 3 females or 2 males and 6 females - Dario dario “Scarlet badis, Scarlet gem” $4 ea.
7 to 9 Pseudomugil gertrudae 'Spotted Blue-eye' $3 ea.
and a dozen Neocaridina “Yellow” $3 ea. or has my cheese slid off of my cracker.
I am supposed to be getting nannoptopoma soon, and will be getting more kubotai as well. i have just been traveling EVERY weekend for the past few months, and haven ot been able to get them in from the distributors that will ship freight during the week. I will also have more amanos. We will figure it out! I am out of hara jerdoni, and cannot do that ratio of darios with how in demand the females are- it is just too hard and I end up way to male heavy
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