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I wish I could help you out on your plant quest, but I don't have any of those. I USED to have some, but they got eaten ; )

I've never paid attention to the red eye tetra - I know Petsmart has them, but I guess they never jumped out at me. (I was going to say they never caught my eye...) I did just now google them, and they get to be bigger than I realized, a plus. The scales look like they'd show up large and very metallic, too, like an Odessa Barb (another one I'd like. No room for any more tanks!) So I may have to give them some thought. I wonder how well they school? I've considered Congos and Diamond tetras, but I don't think they school well enough for me - that's my #1 priority. Yes, I know all about rummy nose, but I keep reading how ultra sensitive they are. Scared me off. Now you've given me an idea for a new thread in the fish forum...I guess you're the enabler now - lol.

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