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Originally Posted by tomfromstlouis View Post
Dennison barbs look pretty cool, but if they get 6" you are right I doubt you could house many more. I KNOW angels and the betta and the loaches are interesting, so maybe what you need here is a mental adjustment.

Don't give up on me yet! Consider this: what if you viewed your tank as an aquatic garden that happens to have fish, instead of as a fish tank? You have not told us about the plants and surely we cannot let that go. When I visit the botanical garden I do not wish for more active animal life. I am pleased to see any at all and amused with their interaction with an awesome space. Angels are full of character, so are bettas. My initial impression is that you have been conditioned by TV to expect drama and action every minute. But the true beauty of a planted tank is the calm of the little things that happen with a complex interaction over time of natural elements compressed together.

That said, the skittish fish might benefit from a larger school; I have no experience with dennison barbs. Kuhlis like larger groups too. If you want to add a new element consider amano shrimp. They are large enough to not be eaten by the angels and fascinating to watch.
Hey TomfromStLois! If you are still following this thread, I wanted to update you about a question you had asked...what plants do I have. Well, I have had some help from TPT folks, especially OVT and HighDesert and now have a great prospective plant list. Here it is!

~2-3 Red Tiger Lotus
~2-3 Green Tiger Lotus
~5-8 Amazon Swords
~15-20 Rotala indica (Rotala roundifolia)
~20-30 Echinorodus tenellus (Narrow Leaf Chain Sword)
~4 Water Wisteria (Hygrophila difformis)
~2-3 Water Sprite
~8 Ludwidgia repens
~2 Bacopa Australis
~2 Rotala Rotundifolia 'green'
~3 Asian Ambulia
~3 limnophila sessiliflora
~4 Hygrophlia Kompact

Now all I need is to find some folks who have these plants available. You really gave me that push in the right direction to help me fall-inlove with this hobby again. I feel great about the plan I am now taking for my "Aquatic Garden". This tank will be my Zen when it is finished. Thank you so much Tom and everyone else who has been helpful offering suggestions, tips and helping out with water issues etc.
You are all great and I appreciate every one of you!
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