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Finally have a 75 gal.

I'm now the proud owner of a 75 gal tank. Wife finally let me upgrade from my 29, but thats just because my lfs had a going out of business sale and I got it dirt cheap. I got the tank, stand, canopy, rena xp2 filter, small power head, and glass top. But the thing is I haven't done much research on good plant lights for a taller tank. I would like to go with a LED, I have the, but I don't think it's very effective after 18" deep. Also I don't want to go to the high tech side of things with a pressurized co2 system. I'm going to look into seeing if a diy co2 would help at all with that size tank. Prob going to do diy just cause it wont hurt and might help a little. I don't have anything set up yet. But pics and other ideas soon to come. I welcome any and all ideas, like substrate, light, stocking ideas, and anything else.

Stocking idea so far.
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