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I upped the CO2 by 1bps and set the Hydor Koralia to run 24/7 instead of when the lights are out. The Hydor is set to churn the water and push it back to the filter intake across the back of the tank.

That should increase the CO2 and increase the flow

I am tempted to just leave it at that and see what happens in a week. Then lower the lights from 33 to 29 inches and wait a week. If everything's okay - I'll lower it to 24 inches from the substrate.

Currently I have 8 hours of light, (5 hours 2x T5HO and 3 hours 4xT5 HO) - no algae.

Should I kill the 3 hour burst and keep it to 2x T5HO or just reduce the burst?

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