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120 gal in need of suggestions

Hello everyone,

I just recently in the last few months decided to throw away the plastic plants in my tank and try out a planted tank. It's pretty low tech. Here's what I have:
120 gal glass 48x24x24
4 bulb Odyssea t5ho light
140 lbs of small grain gravel
2 large pieces of malaysian driftwood (1 more extra large piece soaking in garage)

Plants include:
anacharis, wisteria, amazon sword, ozelot sword, java fern, 2 types of anubias, moss ball
Fish include: 1 black ghost knife, 3 bala sharks, 6 giant danios, 7 angelfish, 2 denison barbs, 1 gold gourami, 2 SAEs, 1 oto, 1 rubber lip pleco

Supplements: daily Flourish excel, weekly API Leaf Zone, flourish root tabs

I just got the t5 lights on the tank last week after having leds on there before. I have 4 6500k bulbs. The problem I'm running into is that my water is starting to turn a brownish cloudy color which I assume is due to a rapid increase in algae growth. I'm looking for some fast growing plants that like a decent amount of light that I can put in there to balance everything out. I was thinking water sprite as a possibility but looking for more suggestions.
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