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Originally Posted by foxfish View Post
I do find it interesting how you guys pay so much attention to light as there is a very different perspective from where I come from ...
I am pumping CO2 into the tank with great results save the hair grass - I don't want to make a huge change in chemistry or set up just enough of a push to make that grow better.

Originally Posted by Hoppy View Post
If you enjoy all of that work, you will also enjoy the rewards of having a good high light tank.
I don't want a lot more work

I think there may have been some confusion.

I misread that 70 micromoles should be enough to grow hair grass so instead of having the burst I thought an option was to keep the 4 banks open and keep it at 70 micromoles. It would be easier than dropping the light from 33 inches to 24 inches.

I now realize you said 35-40 should be enough so lowering the lights is a better solution. I am just a bit cautious of dropping the lights 9 inches from 33 to 24 inches - It sounded like a huge increase in light.

When I drop the light should I do away with the burst all together?
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