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All invertebrates need calcium supplementing or calcium enriched diets for them to grow and molt properly. A diet rich in protien also will cause them to grow faster than the rate of shell development which results in premature molting. Many can survive with partial molts but with obvious deformities like lost limbs. Learn more about dosing the water column with calcium. It is easy and inexpensive.

Also for a tank with the stock lighting, id recommend not having any floaters as it makes a low light tank that much darker. If you wanted to keep floaters, get a few larger ones like frog bit or dwl where the shrimp can feed off their biofilm. Duckweed doesn't offer this benefit and just serves to multiply and choke light out.

Good luck.

Originally Posted by andrewss View Post
sooo craycray my CPO was looking a bit under the weather for a couple weeks now, his last molt went bad and he was missing a main claw (and his antennae remained really short after this too) - this happened like a day after I added my assassin snails (I wonder if one of em attacked him while he was molting?) - but yeah the last couple days he was kinda twitchy and not moving around well one his claws was stuck and like seized a lil vertical....

but I am curious what you guys think about the cause - I wasn't really supplementing the tank for hardness or calicum or anything for shrimps/crays - any advice here? only thing I did was a few weeks back I started giving the tank some fluval shrimp granules.

so yeah, today I found him dead, apparently halfway molted and he just didn't have it to complete the molt :'(

craycray was a loved member of the 5gallon community from the start back in july - may he rest in peace in my pet cemetery - and out of respect I might retire the 5gallon from CPO keeping perhaps indefinitely.


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