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The shrimp, their live rock, live water and food all arrived in perfect condition yesterday.

I was awakened at about 10:30 by the postman carrying a pretty white box with "Live Aquarium Shrimp" written all over it. I was overjoyed looking through my partially open, cataract filled old man eyes to see the guy with his cute grin. (I work the night shift and he woke me about two hours after I went to bed).

I managed to wake myself up enough to toss the live rocks from the box into the tank then reclosed the box and hit the hay.

Off course I had one hell of a time trying to sleep knowing that 50 some odd shrimp were swimming in the dark on my kitchen counter so I crawled out of bed about an hour later, had a cup of coffee then tried to figure out through fogged senses how I was gonna acclimate these shrimp from their bag to my tank. The hydrometer was too tall to fit in their bag and I didn't have any narrow tubes sitting around where I could float their water and the hydrometer... yada, yada, yada...

Anyway, I gave up and just started taking water out of their bag and replaced it with tank water. I did this over a good hour, with a good ten minutes between each introduction. I did as I was told and placed the water from their bag into the tank, as it was "live water". (Nothing at all like Moonshine, I've been told!).

So... they are now in their tank. They looked so pretty all dancing around when I first put them in there...

This afternoon after getting up theirs was the first tank I checked. The shrimp were all hiding in the cracks and crevices in, under and around the rocks, no one was swimming. After a bit of sleep filled thinking I decided it may be the current made from the bubbling airstone so I turned the pump off. Within a few minutes they were all out looking around, swimming like crazy!

The food that was included in the purchase is the gunk that's growing on the live rocks. (I was thinking I was gonna get a jugs of spirulina or something!) I wrote the vendor and told her that she forgot to include the food... she told me about the goodies on the rocks... (Duh!)

I've dosed the tank each day with Cycle.

Here's the tank last night after setup with the live rock that came with the shrimp and another of a close up of the shrimp. The shrimp are in the tank too, of course! Java fern is still in the corner...
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