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Jake's DBP 10gal For Cories & Shrimp

What? I suffer from a serious case of Multiple Tank Syndrome? Surely not!

Figured it was time to start a new tank.

The goods:
  • 10gal Deep Blue Professional tank
  • Eheim 2213 w/ DIY spraybar
  • 10w LED Flood Light (not yet installed)
  • Bits and pieces of manzanita from Tom Barr that I glued together and added some Christmas Moss to
  • Pool Filter Sand
  • A bunch of Crypts - most to be added later
  • Maybe some Anubias nana

Not going for beauty so much as I am viewing space for critters. Simple root feeders is all the tank will likely hold.

A shot I teased yesterday:

Here's a messy shot about a minute after flooding:

That's several clumps of rough-looking Petsmart C. wendtii in the back (hopefully it fills out and grows up) and two little sprigs of C. parva in the front. Have a bunch of C. beckettii, C. petchii and C. parva coming from Gordon roughly mid-week. Still have a bunch of moss to add.

I'm hopeful the C. wendtii will survive and provide some nice shrimp hidey holes. Added a few clay fert balls beneath their area so they'll hopefully snap back soon.

The plan is to house about 15 Corydoras habrosus because they're active bottom dwellers and maybe some C. pygmaeus for the action with various snails and some shrimp. Depending upon the number of critters, I may consider some Boraras brigittae later on down the road.

Haven't decided if the tank will be 100% tap, 100% RO or a mixture of the two. Guess I'll make the decision a few weeks from now when the initial 'cycle' is complete.

Can't wait to see how this new tank evolves. Once I take a break from making more Om Nom Nom shrimp food for you folks, I'll be starting yet another tank journal… for something a little different. Stay tuned for that.

Thanks for reading!


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