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Thanks for all the input!

The Apisto is sold as a Viejita "red neck", don't laugh I've been corrected on the Apisto Forums (yes there is a forum for everything under the sun) that it is a Apisto Macmasteri - At least that's what they call in in Europe. I purchased it from WetSpot and I would highly recommend them - great service and fantastic fish.

I have it at 8 hours with a 3 hour burst - that sounds like good medium/high light when I check the PAR guide on the forums that Hoppy posted a while back.

I may drop the light an inch and keep vigil for algae...

I thought I could add an extra hour to the quad lamp burst (156W) to make it 4 hours instead of 3. I am cautious that dropping the light an inch increases the PAR for an entire 8 hours instead of doubling the PAR for 1 hour. It seems like a larger swing.

Any ideas?
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