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Time for an update!

The duckweed has gone hog wild as you can see in this shot. I'm pretty amazed that anything manages to find its way around in there. I did remove over half of it and moved it to a window tank I use for growing scuds. If you look carefully, you can see the tanks only fish, a small Swamp darter I added last fall, down in the bottom right;

The Java moss is also doing very well, climbing up and out of the water in its emersed state to cover the whole front of my driftwood. I'm thinking about adding some to the bank area as well.

The Forget-Me-Nots I added to this tank are growing great guns, so they have also made a nice addition;

The Rabbits Foot fern is making a strong comeback, so I'm still holding out hope for it;

While the native fern suffered a bit of a set back from the transition (the original fronds are all dieing off), it is also making a nice come back;

I was hoping to have some new orchid pictures to post up, but unfortunately my new flower bud died off without opening up, not sure exactly why at this point.

Last spring at the end of the year, I moved this guy from the tank I had previously been holding him in, into this one. He has done quite well, and I think the aquarium provides him with plenty of food in and of itself. We examined some "pond water" samples out of it this fall and it is crawling with different microscopic life. He is often times hard to see, not only because the tank is overgrown, but also because he blends in so well as you can see here;

In fact I had some students swear up and down that there were absolutely no fish in that tank. The funny part was, he was sitting right up in the front, and I was able to walk up and point him right out to them. Kind of fun. I'm sure he's a little lonely in there, but I'm hoping that my supplier is going to be rounding a few more up to send me here soon.

And of course here is the obligatory FTS shot;

The mosses on the terrestrial portion just haven't done well for me, I'm assuming its because their just isn't enough humidity, but I'm not sure. I decided to steal an idea from Fishes in Philly and go ahead and add one more feature to the tank, which has kind of made a nice addition. Unfortunately, the fog doesn't quite get up onto the land, I think I would need to switch from a screen top to glass in order to accomplish that, and I'm not sure I want to do that at this point.

Anyway, kind of a fun feature;

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