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Hey guys!

Full report when the jet lag is done and over with!

I had the honor of placing #125 out of 2021 entries into this year's IAPLC. It ranked as the 2nd highest American entry and the highest nano aquarium ranking.

It's been a fun journey with this layout - from the people it has helped teach all the way to the end in the IAPLC. For me personally, there has yet to be a layout so valuable in meaning to what it means and represents to me.

When I finally had the honor of meeting with Mr. Amano, he asked me a simple question: "how long have you been doing Nature Aquarium before ADG?" When I gave him the answer, he requested his assistant to print out the layout I entered, and upon receiving it from her took an evaluative look at it and said:

Originally Posted by Takashi Amano
This layout is quite good. Very simple and for such a small size it expresses a feeling of wabi sabi well. For a first entry into the contest, you have done very well. Congratulations. I have no suggestions for improvement on this layout.

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