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Originally Posted by vashnic View Post
I was always told that, upon entering college, either have a good idea of what you enjoy and want to do for the rest of your career and go for that, or if you don't know, get a degree that is in high demand (health related/comp sci/engineering) and fund your eventual fun stuff with the resulting job.

Most anthropology majors I knew stayed in academia, either in the same field or using their bachelors as a way to get into graduate school in a different field. Or got jobs unrelated (waitress/etc.). XD

Could you take a programming class or two at your uni? Or maybe fiddle around in designing simple app games using free software on your own? I know many game companies have hired modders or map creaters without necessarily much or any university experience in development.
So. Funny story. I had a computer science minor for two whole semesters.

But I flunked one course entirely because they had us programming in binary. Legit, typing in ones and zeroes, translating binary integers to signed integers and 1's compliment and 2's compliment and all sorts of insane stuff. Questions on tests like, "What is the 8-bit 2'sComp way of writing the number 37?" and "Add 01011101 to 11010010 and give the answer in Hex."

After I took an incomplete in one class and failed "Fundamentals of Computer Organization (Binary-class)", I gave up. Which sucked, because I struggled through a college algebra course in order to actually get into the prereq for the minor in the first place (Intro to Java, which I aced...) and I wasted so much time and money on it...

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