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Originally Posted by Silmarwen View Post
The internet got me where I am as far as my HTML/CSS skillz go. I started in on PHP, but I had no application for it. I find myself incredibly frustrated learning things when I don't have an actual problem to solve with it. CSS came easily when I needed to style a single-page web profile without frames (this was a while ago, when frames were actually, you know, used), but I haven't been able to find an application for PHP, so I can't go beyond linking web pages with it.

As for programming, a high-school C++ class taught me everything I know, and I've since been told "That crap is useless, learn [insert their language of choice here]." But again, I have no real application for it, so... I'm not imaginative, and I hate those little "challenges" because they're good practice, but not actually useful for anything.

I know I sound like I'm just making excuses (partially because I am, to an extent), but I just don't have much motivation for anything lately.
I was always told that, upon entering college, either have a good idea of what you enjoy and want to do for the rest of your career and go for that, or if you don't know, get a degree that is in high demand (health related/comp sci/engineering) and fund your eventual fun stuff with the resulting job.

Most anthropology majors I knew stayed in academia, either in the same field or using their bachelors as a way to get into graduate school in a different field. Or got jobs unrelated (waitress/etc.). XD

Could you take a programming class or two at your uni? Or maybe fiddle around in designing simple app games using free software on your own? I know many game companies have hired modders or map creaters without necessarily much or any university experience in development.
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