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Originally Posted by c_gwinner View Post
If you want to do something with software development or web design why not apply that and do some researching and learning on your own. You've at least learned how to apply yourself and learn new things from your college courses and if its truly something you want to do apply yourself and strive for it. Not all the software developers went to college to learn how to do it. There are a ton of people that have learned how to write code and develop software from the internet. If its really what you want then go for it and apply yourself, gotta start somewhere and sometimes thats starting from the bottom up.
The internet got me where I am as far as my HTML/CSS skillz go. I started in on PHP, but I had no application for it. I find myself incredibly frustrated learning things when I don't have an actual problem to solve with it. CSS came easily when I needed to style a single-page web profile without frames (this was a while ago, when frames were actually, you know, used), but I haven't been able to find an application for PHP, so I can't go beyond linking web pages with it.

As for programming, a high-school C++ class taught me everything I know, and I've since been told "That crap is useless, learn [insert their language of choice here]." But again, I have no real application for it, so... I'm not imaginative, and I hate those little "challenges" because they're good practice, but not actually useful for anything.

I know I sound like I'm just making excuses (partially because I am, to an extent), but I just don't have much motivation for anything lately.

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