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Originally Posted by creekbottom View Post
I guess having no idea what you want to do and then going to school to figure it out is not the best idea. Any arts degree you get is most likely not going to land you a job when you're done. If you wanted that then making math and science work for you would have been a good idea.

I spent ALOT of money on education, way too much. I have 2 bachelors degrees and they are completely unrelated. The first one was agriculture (pretty easy to get a job actually) and the second one was music. Sure I made the mistake of doing the agriculture degree but it still works for me. I just ended my summer contract and have a nice fat bank account. Now I get to spend the winter playing music! BUT... that arts degree does nothing for me unless I market myself. I have a very successfull string quartet that I started. If I wasn't pushing it and marketing it my arts degree would be an expensive piece of paper on the wall.
Originally Posted by rrastro View Post
Yeah, except that is what the vast majority of students do who go straight from high school to college. They might have an idea of what it is they want to do but often that idea will change many times over before they graduate and then again after they are spit out into the real world.
Unfortunately, common "wisdom" preaches that, if you take a year of school, you'll never go back, that you need a technical skill to make it without a bachelor degree (mechanical aptitude, etc), and that non-college-educated people never go anywhere. With everyone and the President pushing the idea that YOU NEED A DEGREE, it's hard for people to just 'not.' Admittedly, there wasn't much opportunity in my high-school area unless I wanted to work as a farm hand or at the credit union (which asks for at least an associates anyway), and by coming to college I truly did grow as a person (before uni, I'd starve to death before I asked directions to the nearest grocery).

Still. I wonder every day if it's been worth it, and it is or it isn't largely depending on whether I've more recently been paid, or had a particularly despicable person harassing me at work...

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