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I'm wondering how fast Cherry's grow. I've had my Cherry shrimp in for about 6 weeks. I put them in at about 1/4 inch long and they all were about the same size. At 4 weeks, I noticed one female carrying a batch of eggs under her tail. at 5 weeks I had three females carrying eggs. This last week (#6) I've seen some 1/4 inch long shrimp. I'm wonder if they are just stunted and from the first batch... or are they breeding in my tank.

I put 30 into my tank and I"ve seen up to 17 at a time. Hard to see in the plants and stuff. I'm pretty sure most of them survived, if not all. I do have a mix of females (bright red) and males (mostly clear coloration with red speckles) with more females than males (could be the males are just hard to see. Also the males appear to be smaller than the females.

Guess my questions really are... how fast do these buggers grow? Can they get to be 1/4 inch long in a couple of weeks? Or is that expecting too much. How old are they at sexual maturity?
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