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Originally Posted by OverStocked View Post
So we're in agreement that this has nothing to so with the class or instructor?

Throwing more money into a bottomless pit of unhappiness isn't going to fill it up or make you happy.

Do you understand how silly the insurance logic is? You could have worked fill time and got benefits too.... Without spending 40 grand a year in education you don't want or need....
Well I know these things now. A significant part of the problem is that I never worked in high school, so I had my 1.29 GPA and nothing else to recommend me to a position anywhere. Nobody would give me a full-time job; not anywhere that gets decent benefits, at least. Either way, it's in the past now. I have to lay in the bed I've made.

Originally Posted by mistergreen View Post
Oh man, whoever told you that gave you bad advice. Of course the major matters. Liberal arts degree is notoriously bad for finding jobs after graduation.
I was told "It's how you sell yourself" and that "you don't need a specialized degree unless you're going into a technical field." Since I loathed the idea of doing anything related to math (accounting, economics, etc) and science goes over my head (Huh? Why use K for Potassium?! Periodic what?), I couldn't imagine what else existed in the world of "doing stuff as an adult" that wouldn't be covered by a degree in whatever I wouldn't loathe myself for studying for four (six...) years.

Originally Posted by rrastro View Post
Actually I think I have what might be the perfect job for you.
Teach english in Japan!
Unless you're barred from ever returning there.... in which case you're SOL. j/k!!!
Seriously though, it doesn't require any math and they would prefer english majors but take other majors too. Having an interest in Japanese culture and language is a plus. You'll probably live in a hole in the wall but you can save a surprising amount of money for whenever you want to come back to the states, if you want to come back.
Don't think that you can't do it. You will essentially be acting as a conversational english teacher for advanced english students so the amount of structured "teaching" you have to do is quite minimal. Mostly you'll just be talking in english and correcting grammar / spelling / pronunciation errors.
I would do it if I didn't have a gaggle of kids and a wife at home. My major is criminal justice administration. It could be a lot of fun, look into it.
I've looked into the two prominent programs that do that thing, AEON and JET. Both have gotten outrageously competitive in the last 2-3 years even. One friend my freshman year went to an interview in Chicago for JET. He was one of maybe seventy applicants in the area. Another friend went this past summer; one of over 500 applicants.

I'd love to do something like that, but I hold few illusions about my ability to make it past the interview stages, and I'm hesitant to look into any of the less reputable programs, since I've heard horror stories about programs and districts who warp the system and do horrible things to their exchange teachers. One district took out double the tax they should have, then after telling a teacher that one company was supposed to pay them, not the school directly, nearly got her deported because she defaulted on her rent for too long (which the school was supposed to be providing).

Sooo... Yeeaaah.

tl;dr: I screwed up, I'm aware of this. ( ._.)

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