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Actually I think I have what might be the perfect job for you.
Teach english in Japan!
Unless you're barred from ever returning there.... in which case you're SOL. j/k!!!
Seriously though, it doesn't require any math and they would prefer english majors but take other majors too. Having an interest in Japanese culture and language is a plus. You'll probably live in a hole in the wall but you can save a surprising amount of money for whenever you want to come back to the states, if you want to come back.
Don't think that you can't do it. You will essentially be acting as a conversational english teacher for advanced english students so the amount of structured "teaching" you have to do is quite minimal. Mostly you'll just be talking in english and correcting grammar / spelling / pronunciation errors.
I would do it if I didn't have a gaggle of kids and a wife at home. My major is criminal justice administration. It could be a lot of fun, look into it.

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