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Originally Posted by MSG View Post
Unless you make some small modifications.

Like SpecG mentioned Bettas are very inquisitive, at least the ones I've owned.
  • A betta would try to swim through those natural cracks/splits in the CENTER of the wood itself. It wouldn't take long for a betta to lose most of it's fins or get itself wedged in the driftwood.
  • One thing you could do is to jam a moss type plant or something similar into those cracks, so the betta can't get through.

Other than that, all the elements look great.

Sorry to hear about the other tanks you lost from the flood.
Yeah, my guy likes to get into every nook and cranny in his current tank. I have LOTS of mosses and plants to get into those spots that might tear the fins. I have to pull the dw since i did find a spot that is too pointy in the back that i can't really get to. That will give me the opportunity to get everything nice and smooth.

LOL, the tanks being flooded just meant that I filled them with water while in the middle of scaping. We weren't actually flooded, thank god. Going back and reading what i wrote, it completely sounds like there was a flood. This is the first tank where I am taking some time to get it right before the water goes in and i start the cycle.
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