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Originally Posted by OverStocked View Post
So why are you going to college for something like this? Perhaps THIS is the problem here? Not the class or instructor?
Ah... Well.

I started college with the naive understanding that it would be impossible to get a good-paying, decent job without a degree. So I went, and having been told that it didn't matter WHAT degree you had, as long as you had one, I went for a Japanese major. As part of that major, I had to take an anthropology class. So I added an Anthropology minor so that I could take more classes with that particular professor, because I thought she was awesome.

Then I went to Japan, screwed up, came back, and dropped Japanese to a minor so that I could be done with it. Bumped Anthro up to my major, because I was only two semesters away from graduating, and we'd already wasted all that money so far, I may as well finish.

But then one class I needed wasn't offered when I needed, so I added a Psych minor so I could stay full-time (requirement for my health insurance) and have a use for the spare classes I was in.

And now I'm FINALLY almost done with my Frankendegree, and regretting almost every minute of every class I took. I've wasted 6 years, god only knows how much time, energy, and money, and all I'm going to have to show for it is a slightly-below-average GPA and a degree that is absolutely useless outside of the academic sphere.

I'm a mess, honestly. I'll be first-generation college grad in my family, and I had to learn all of this by trial-and-error... And it's unfortunately been a VERY expensive trail-and-error... But it's literally too late to change.

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