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Originally Posted by rrastro View Post
If all you aspire to do in life is to work in data entry then you don't need no fancy degree. Get on it today. Heck, I did data entry in highschool.
Sometimes, and not often enough, just sometimes school does teach you life lessons. Bosses are going to spring unfair ish on you and you will just have to deal with it, one way or another. And if you end up self-employed you will find out that running a business invariably springs a ton of unfair ish on you.
It does feel good to grumble about it once in a while, though.
I don't really ASPIRE to data-entry, I just don't really know what any other jobs in this world entail, that I'm smart enough to do. I always wanted to be an astronaut... But math. >.<

Originally Posted by creekbottom View Post
Maybe things are different in the States. When I was in college and taking a course the syllabus for that course was our contract with the prof. It detailed what we could expect for a workload in the course, how things would be graded, that sort of thing.

If this part of the course isn't anywhere in the syllabus and the prof has sprung it on the class then I feel that all of you need to make the prof aware that this is unacceptable. Sure you can grumble about it but nothing will change. Grumble to the right people, at the very least the prof will have to put it in the syllabus and next years students will have a better understanding of what is expected.

There also is your opportunity to express your views with the instructor evaluations. I know its at the end of the term but those things can be devastating for profs.
Well, it's on the syllabus. Which you don't get until after you've already registered, set your schedule, and can't rearrange things to make them easier. The more I think about it, the more I realized I am mostly pissed that it wasn't listed anywhere before I registered for the course and set my schedule in stone.

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