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Originally Posted by duff View Post
Thanks Devin! I did not realize that. I love that plant, it has become my favorite over the last few months. I've been looking for a taller rock to attach it to and place it in the back corner of the tank so it's still above the water line. But now that I know it can be a house plant I may go that route. I only have another 6 inches on the lights (to raise them up) so I fear it will have to be moved in the next few months. Do you still carry them if I wanted to get a smaller one to replace it?
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Yeah you can just pot it in regular potting soil and treat like any other houseplant. Don't let it dry out, but don't overwater it either. Try to give it the brightest light that you can can. It will be real happy if you put it outside in a spot with afternoon shade during the summertime. P. tectorius eventually grows to the size of a small tree, but that will take several years. Pandanus are really cool and unusual tropical plants, but they are pretty easy to grow as houseplants. I have a little collection here of six different species. Pandanus don't have very much commercial availability, so I had to hunt around on ebay and various online forums to get them.

Here are the stilt roots of the P. tectorius in the koi pond at our local botanical garden.

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