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Originally Posted by FlyingHellFish View Post
Hey, I got an Edge as well, would you mind explaining those LEDs fixture? PIctures etc.
It's pretty simple, just used GU10 6w LEDs and GU10 bases. And the rest is pieces i modified from Home Depot for out door flood lights. Total cost was about $30. It's a little ghetto right now I need to finish it and paint it.

Originally Posted by kruzerman View Post
Great tank. I am thinking my next tank will be a pea puffer as well. The puffers don't bother the Otos?
Haven't bugged them yet. Everything I read says they are one of the only fish you can keep with puffers.

The little guy has colored up a lot since I got him. Killed about 20 snails so far and is happily taking blood worms.

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