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Originally Posted by oliver77 View Post
Oh man!! Such incidents really tear my heart out. Your tank looks real nice before that. I like it a lot. Looks really really natural and peaceful to look at. hope things will grow back. I really like the crypts. Hard to find at my lfs. there are some, but they aren't for sale.
thanks O. i lost some fragile needy stems namely my tonina fluvalitis "lotus" and my L. pantanal which is a real shame as they were so beautiful. dreadfully difficult to grow (for me) no less. after the kids shredded my plants (thankfully not uprooting my crypts) i saw it as a sign to take a break from super needy and fast growing stem plants... its a lot of gardening for a 20L.

nowadays i like the slow pace of my crypts and ever since i cleared my tank, i am starting to discover tiny plantlets and offshoots of crypts i thought melted a long time ago lol. crypts are really amazing plants.

its a shame they are not readily available in your parts, where are you from?

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