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Originally Posted by Fat Guy View Post
Not much to report here save for Hurricane Sandy here in NYC. Weather the storm and working on the tank. Had some CRS deaths which at first I attributed to improper water changes and overdosing of micros (possibly). But I think the main culprit was too much co2. so i cranked it down a little and am dosing phophorus and potassium daily and nitrate (when needed after testing). I really think that my co2 was the issue though. my amanos and rcs were fine, but I think the ph swing may have been too great for the crs. so now I'm adjusting the co2 accordingly and keeping an eye on the plants and crs. So far so good.

I'm also going to change the water in the tank with aged water instead of straight from the tap. I feel like this will minimize temperature swings and give the crs more of a fighting chance. I'm also going to reduce the feedings to twice a week for them. The CRS do seem to be an excellent indicator of tank conditions. Hope to see them reproduce soon and thrive.

Today I accidentally crushed a bladder snail when I cleaned my top. It was a larger one and it fell to the bottom of the tank. Within a minute an amano ran over and grabbed it like a madman and began munching away. Quite remarkable how quickly those shrimp will go after a dying fish (or snail). I have some glosso growing low and some growing tall. I'm going to let it root more before I get at the larger stems. I think I trimmed it prematurely before and that attributed to a brief stint of staghorn which now seems to have gone away after I balanced out my water parameters.

Here's the amano with the bladder snail in his grasp. Not the best photo, it in his pinchers right above the grain of power sand.

A full tank shot. plants are bubbling o2 into the water column every second which I see as a good sign. That and the minimal algae on the rock (which in the past had been an issue). Just trying to keep the water balanced. EI dosing potassium and phosphorus and spot dosing nitrates.
Nice setup. The glosso seems to be going very well! I love glosso too bad it's a high tech plant.
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