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Thanks Devin! I did not realize that. I love that plant, it has become my favorite over the last few months. I've been looking for a taller rock to attach it to and place it in the back corner of the tank so it's still above the water line. But now that I know it can be a house plant I may go that route. I only have another 6 inches on the lights (to raise them up) so I fear it will have to be moved in the next few months. Do you still carry them if I wanted to get a smaller one to replace it?

Wy - I will do a thread on the other tanks this weekend. All this talk of terrariums has me inspired! I have tried for ever to get a good shot of him. The wood in the tank has a hollow spot in it and every time I pull out the camera and take one shot, he's gone in a heart beat. I'll keep trying He's quite handsome with his flowing fins and bully attitude. He mows through all the shrimp at dinner time like a fancy yellow little bulldozer
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