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The above tank was a gift to me from Wheaties back in April. The decision to go low tech was partly because he wanted to try it out, but mostly because how lazy I am.

Here is the tank when we first filled it up with water after the dry start:

I started with 50% water changes twice a week and slowly worked my way to about once a month.

Aside from this stuff growing on the wood that I vacuum off each water change, the tank has been looking good. For several months there have been no outbreaks of slimy algae on the glass and this fish has gained some color. That is until a week ago when the fish died. It was about two weeks since the last water change, and a water test gave me good results. I have a nerite snail in the tank that I assume would be a canary in a coal mine for bad water parameters.

Now I think I'd like to put some shrimp in this tank. Any ideas if the current plants would provide enough cover for a shrimp colony? I'd like to add in some small schooling fish once the shrimp are established. Maybe celestial danios, or chili rasbora if I can find a tank bred source. I haven't settled on color of shrimp, but most likely some kind of Neocaridina. I am open to any suggestions.
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