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10/31/12 update

Here's the tank as of today. In two weeks, the hairgrass has nearly doubled in volume

Ludwigia sp Red branching out with minimal effort.

The DHG 'belem' has really taken off.

The Ludwigia arcuata is growing fast as well.

Other updates:
I added a black background to the tank to hide the pothos and the lamp behind the tank. I removed the erio and placed it into a small emersed container with some Hydrocotyle sp. Japan. I replaced the erios with some Crypt parva. Most of them are going through a melt but hopefully they'll recover in about a week or so. I'm so close to filling the tank with water. However, I might wait a week or two to see if the C. parva starts shooting out new growth before filling it up. Maybe wait for them to get more established since they've only been in the tank for about a week. Anyways, right now I'm thinking of what kind of fauna to stock the tank with after it's been filled up and cycled. I'm trying to stay away from CPDs since I had them before. Any ideas would be great. Until next time.

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