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Originally Posted by MABJ View Post
Yay! Hey man welcome to the club. I swear we should start putting DBP 18" Pimp in our signatures. Check out the link in my sig. It has a few trial and error things I've purchased.

You're looking good so far, how's your cycle doing?

If you don't wind up reading my thread, one huge tip I have is two 'red sea' or azoo palm filters on your tanks opposite sides.

Also, remove the heater. I've been told time and time again no heater, so I just finally yanked all mine.

A little temp flux doesn't kill shrimp I guess, and they prefer medium temps to 75-80 temps.
Cycle is over and shrimpies are in! The red sea nano has been cycling on my tiny betta tank for the past 3-4 months. I still gave it a week to get out all the cloudiness and fine particles. I can't imagine going with more than one though. With the flow all the way up the little guys were getting blown around. I ended up turning the flow all the way down. I do have it oriented back to front flow. I might turn it lengthwise. I would just have to move a parkeri to do that.

And the heater will stay. My tanks are in my basement and it stays a little chilly down there and the heater keeps the temps at 76.5 with very little variation.

Your thread was one of the ones that got me stoked on this tank. You can create this massive scape with just the tiniest elements.

Originally Posted by alexk View Post
Hey, are the DBP's any better compared to the Aqueon 2.5 gallons in terms of construction quality? I was thinking about getting one of those and derimming it for an ADA style pico. My rillis love long crawl spaces! :]
I don't know about derimming it but at the price it is worth a shot. You wouldn't be out a ton of dough. It is a really nice tank even with the rim. Definitely one of my better tank purchases. My rack has 3 shelves. I think a DBP18 for each one is in order. Probably 2 more shrimp tanks. I'd like to do one as a salty.
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