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Starting Phase Two

So I decided to get a bit of work done tonight since I had some time (which I should of been spending working on a webpage for class ) Anyway I got a few things in that I wanted to get to work on since I had been soaking for ph test for quite a while now

Anyway here's the update for 11/7/12

Things Added
  • Added some Natural Rocks
  • Continuing usage of API CO2 Booster, however I think from this bottle on in this tank I will be using excel
  • New Media (whew those guppies did a number on this tank)
  • They aren't added yet but one or two bristle noses will be coming to this tank, they have a nice cave home ready for them

Things Removed
  • Guppies - YUP Tank is happily cycled showing good levels and is ready to move on! No more guppies in here (well except maybe 2 or 3 babies that eluded capture, boy they swim fast even in an empty tank)
  • Completed a substrate vaccum - Getting ready to swap substrate to a darker substrate for shrimp at some point soon

And now for the Money Shot --well if you can call it that
Click image for larger version

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Onward to Phase Three:

Well it's been a busy day and with shrimp on the way I had to up my game and get things done quick!

Things Removed:
  • White Substrate
  • Moss Wall Attempt (this is where I was getting some Spikes, the inside was all brown and soupy UGH)
  • ~10 Ghost Shrimp (xfered to my 55 gallon)
  • 4 Baby Guppies (xfered to my 55 gallon only 3 made it one jumped out of the cup onto the carpet and after spending 5 minutes looking for it may he/she RIP

Things Added:
  • EcoComplete Substrate
  • Corkscrew Vals
  • Black Background

Things On the Way:
  • PFR Shrimps
  • Cholla Wood

During the substrate change I saved approx 50% of the old water and the filter media hoping with the ecocomplete that it will adjust to normal quickly since all I did was swap substrate

So here's todays picture updates:

Changing the Substrate:
Click image for larger version

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Waiting for the cloudyness to disappear:
Attachment 57108

Here's hoping it takes off and does well I'm excited for where this tank is going!

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