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I had no idea you were a vegan either....
I am so jealous of this set-up and that little nepenthe there...
My nepenthe continues to grow but I have yet to see a new pitcher. I'm hoping with the arrival of the cooler winter months.
Might also try some methods of increasing the humidity. Maybe that will help.
I dream of your veggies....
I'm getting sick of having to buy them.
My neighbor sprayed for bugs and all my veggies and my large collection of peppers died.
I'm crushed...
Good news in that he felt terrible and is willing to replace them all.. I'm just waiting till spring so that I can redo the soil in the bed... Plus finding all those pepper species is gonna be hard..
Might have some seeds saved...

This is really cool.
About what were you costs in building this?
I have a great love for fancy goldfish and am wondering if something like this would be feasible outdoors...
Ive got about 5 places I could stick one.
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