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Not too much to report with this tank. I'm waiting for the cycle, I added a bunch of filter media from my other tank, so hopefully that helps to speed things up.

The plants are a disaster. The hornwort I learned doesn't root, and is now floating. I think that will be going to live in one of my stepdads tanks. I really don't like the stem back left. I think that will go too. I really like the front left plant, but the new leaves are green. I think I'll be upgrading the bulb soon. I want to keep this low light, but still be able to maintain some basic plants.

I like the anubias and the driftwood. But otherwise this is still a blank slate. If I'm going to start tearing out the plants, I think I may try scooping out the gravel and adding some more flourite.

Hilde, I do have a black background, although its just construction paper, not a rich super black paint. I thought about painting it when I set it up, but to be honest I'm just horrible with paint of any kind and the mess I would've made wasn't worth it, lol!

But I do want a different look then my 10gal. This is still feeling a bit like a copycat. And I think one of my biggest problems is the scale. I'm just used to working with a little tank.

So here it is. I'll make the changes over the next few weeks. Not rushing with this one!

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