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Originally Posted by spookyman60 View Post
hi all basically, i'm building a 20 gal Planted tank, and im palning to run a sump, my problem is i the tank is glass and i plan to use 5mm cast acrylic sheet for the corner overflow is this a good thickness or would i need to use a thicker acrylic, i will also use 5 mm cast acrylic for the sump baffles aswell, im also using a 22mm drain and piping is this sufficent? thanks in advance im hoping to get a build log going once i start
? are you placing the baffles in a glass tank/sump or are you building the entire sump out of 1/4" cell cast acrylic?

Bieng that you are going to have a 20G display, I would drill the top corner of the 20G for a 1" bulkhead and have the drain be gravity fed from top corner so you get apprx 200-240gph drain. this way you can do away with the overflow box and have more interior tank room.

I have a 40G with a interior DIY overflow box using 1/8" cell cast acrylic and I have two 1" drilled bulkheads with screens inside the box both draining to a 30G DIY sump/refuge. The return is a 550gph powerhead feeding a 1/2" pvc spraybar.

I have two 29G that I drilled for 1" bulkhead and are gravity drained @ the top corner of display tank going into a 10G leader glass tank. these two 29G have an interior 1" elbow pvc for skimmer/drain.

All my sumps have a durso setup to stop gurgling noise as well.

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