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I wouldn't want to take the Anubias off either, just lean the wood and/or place it off center. The Anubias is too high and too centered as is for my taste. It really isn't a problem to pull them off to try something else with them, first time was the hardest. I thought they looked plastic and resisted but now I love the way they settle in where ever I stick them and look good really quickly.

I would lay a 'stream bed' that is at maximum 1/5 the width of the tank at the front and have it start at about 1/3 from the left and curve to about 2/3s from the left at the rear and be pretty much gone at that point. The crypts would gracefully curve over the stones and it would probably nearly vanish. Then have the stone formation starting at about 2/3s from the left a bit away from the rear of the tank so there is a mysterious place back there.

Have you looked at the IAPLC top 200? There are a few very nice edge of the stream type layouts there. Looking at only the small photos I see 132 and 169. 108 is a very interesting one that looks like a snag in a river bottom to me. The other two are both looking at the wall of the stream bed and emphasizing the top and slope rather than the bottom but no reason why you cannot be emphasizing the bed itself or use a diagonal line so you need less vertical space filled with hard scape and have more room for the crypts.

Interesting plant! Guess the best thing to do would be take a couple of good clear shots and post them in a thread of its own.
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