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Originally Posted by wheatiesl337 View Post
Just say no to C02 based on your goals, like others have said.

Go for a good substrate and low-light root feeders. I personally prefer organic potting soil (not mineralized, I do a hybrid dry start to let organics start breaking down). With no c02 and low light, you won't need to change water or prune plants often or deal with dosing ferts. The most you might need is some excel.

My favorites: crypts hands down. Java fern and anubias come in a close second.

Seriously, get rid of the c02 and save yourself hours of work and maintenance. Pick the right plants, and you can still have a lush and dense planted tank. I think it's nicer on the critters too when they aren't being blasted with ferts and co2 constantly.
I thought about the the organic potting soil, but don't know how that would work with my substrate. I have the substrate from aquarium plants dot com. (I got free from them) just not sure if it would be a good cap. I think is size is smaller than eco-complete.
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