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10-31 2 week update

So the cycle kicked on and I've been reading a steady 20 ppm Nitrate 0 ppm amonia/nitrite. Whew.

Plants are growing nicely. The wisteria started reaching out of the tank so I topped them to fill out the back a bit more. May trim all of their broad "emerged" leaves off. The new growth was so much nicer to look at, and I'd like it to be more uniform. Anyone else for this?

The only plant I'm not happy with is the anubias, once the plants grow in I think the little nubi won't really fit. Looking for ideas on something bushy / red/purple.

Planted tank 2 weeks old:

Currently stocked with 1x Nerite 1x Apple 1x Betta and a hand full of cherry shrimp:

Unfortunately, the shrimp aren't feeling the camera this morning.

I should probably just make this a journal, huh?
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