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Cool Diy2

Hey sounds like I'm not alone then!
I'm planning on doing the same thing - mainly for light control, maybe an automatic feeder in the near future. I had already blown (burnt, smoked, nearly started a fire) two of the fluoro ballasts so I've replaced them with LED strips. Pics are here if you're interested:

I want to try and build a cutdown version of jarduino, just using an atmega328P (ie the chip in the Arduino Uno), some transistors for PWM driving (dimming) the lights, a few temperature sensors, and a small LCD with buttons. LCDs big enough to have a touch screen end up taking up most of the pins and not leaving many for I/O - and the flash is smaller on a Uno so it could be a squeeze. I'll post here to let you know how it goes.

Boxhead - where in Oz are you? I'm in Adelaide.

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