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There are TONS of embedded links all over the site that are NOT aquarium related. Also, I have seen ads for some insurance company, and I am always signed in. I do not visit here without signing in. I have been on the lookout for it again, and will screenshot it so that all can see it. I shouldn't have to DL a potentially harmful ad-blocker in order to browse the forums without seeing a bunch of ads that dont even pertain to the topic of the webpage. Aquarium-related ads have always been around here and I have learned to live with and accept that.

I also, am getting the axact same errors as others. Also, my tank profile says it is nonexistent but I can find it if I go in and look through all the tanks. Would be pretty nice to hear from management on this, considering we were told that concerns could be addressed HERE! This might have previously been the #1 authority on planted tanks (and likely still is at this point), but that could all change with the popularity explosion in the hobby that has been happening over the last few years.

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