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Originally Posted by Kathyy View Post
Pretty! The crypts are so nice looking.

What about pushing the crypts to either side a little and making a stream from small river rocks through them? Don't center it, put it to one side a little and make it narrower in the back than the front. Use the smaller stones to the rear as well.

I am not a fan of the presentation of the Anubias. Is it on a bit of wood? If so you could put it at an angle overhanging the 'stream'? And could the end of the wood be anchored with a number of larger river rocks extending about 1/3 of the height of the tank?

Effect might be that of a stream diverted by a rocky outcropping with an old log or tree overgrown with epiphytes. Well, in my eye and maybe yours. It likely would just be a nice looking tank to most people.

Could the unknown plant be some sort of Hygrophilia?
Hey Kathy! Thanks for the reply =D

By either side, do you mean split between front and back leaving a space open down the middle length wise? Or just from the back right corner to somewhere up front, or maybe spanning to the front left corner? I guess the majority size of rocks you mean would probably clear things up for me. I feel like the substrate needs work in terms of slope, and some larger rocks probably need placed on the upper right side.

The plant I do not believe is hygro. The person who gave it to me some 2 years back said it was a rarely seen species in the hobby, and before I got rid of it, he would want it back :P I'll see if I can't dig up the name.

Yeah, the anubias are on DW. I have another tank they can be transplanted to if need be. I have been growing them on that wood for about 3 years now (started with 3), so I definitely don't want to strip it for the wood. I agree about the presentation being poor. I do however, have more DW I can use to simulate what you are talking about though.

So essentially it would be river stones creating a river within the lava rock, and the lava rock being the, er, "land" portion off of the river?

Or, would they be strategically placed so it gave a vanishing point recreating something more like...

What I had always initially imagined would to recreate taking a slice out of a mountain stream. So hard to put to practice xD
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