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Ah, I see LOL! I thought it was my horrible tank pictures. To me, the tank looks so small in my photos. I don't get it.

Your tank sounds great. I love Amanos. I wanted some, but unfortunately my Angels will eat them.
I have been interested in Albino Long Finned BN plecos for quite sometime, but I'm worried about the spikes they have. In an event that I had to remove them from the tank, I would hate to have them get stuck in the net. My spotted sailfin got hooked in the net and it was awful! Trying to cut the net off of her was really risky. She'd get still, I'd start carefully cutting, then suddenly she'd thrash scaring me half to death. I never want to go through that again. So, the next pleco I've been thinking about is the Butterfly Pleco. This one isn't so spiky as far as I know. Not as cute as the BN though.

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Lol I thought it was still the 30g I misread.

I keep cardinals, Bn pleco's , Amanos, and ottos

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