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Originally Posted by etgregoire View Post
This is a good idea for changing out your substrate. I might have to try this. Are you testing your water parameters while you do this? I've heard that a large disturbance in the substrate of an established tank can cause an ammonia spike, or a mini-cycle... Just something to think about?
Yes , I am keeping track of the parameters and all is good! That's great! I have read the same thing myself about the mini-cycle/amonia spike, so I am being careful, taking it slow and breaking it up into three parts. I am due for a PWC tomorrow and will wait to do the next step until the day before the next PWC, so rather than 3 days, I've just decided (since reading your post ) to wait for 6 days before I do the next section; simply because I don't need to rush it risking hurting my fish.
Breaking it into parts, I think it's important to be careful not to disturb the substrate on the other side of the tank, if that makes sense; wordings a little off. I also chose to keep the rocks and wood that had already been in the tank inside and so I just relocated it inside the tank.
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