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Originally Posted by c_gwinner View Post
From your first picture of the cherries they dont look that healthy and that could have lead to your assasins attacking or feasting on them. And the Neons in there could have tried hunting them down since with that small of a school in that small of a tank. I personally would rehome the Neons, and if you do wanna do shrimp check around this site to see what people are offereing. Usually better deals and healthier shrimp than Fleabay.

Nice looking spec and desk by the way.
fair enough lol. i'll move the neons to my boss's tank. i never knew neons could be agressive. they always chase each other around the tank but never thought they could harm the shrimp. the white clouds are way more relaxed so can i atleast ckeep the 3 white clouds?

i moved everything around and have 1 shrimp left lol, he's a nice bright red and almost a inch in size, hopefully he stays alive. i'll look around the boards for more shrimp as well.

the shrimp came from a personal tank of someone in florida who breeds them. he shipped them in a breather bag with moss and they were small, i thought they just needed to grow a bit n color up.

i just got my fluval 13w light in today so hopefully my plants do better as well, some started melting from the led light.
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