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Originally Posted by Curt_914 View Post
I fortunitly have a spouse who tollarates my hobbies.

Acctually I would be in the dog house if I bought her diamonds or jewelry. Much rather have a set of heads for her truck.

To bad you missed out on that tank. Post pics of your scape when your done cant wait to see it. I am in the same boat as you but I dont have any fish left to worry about moving. Just tank and plants. Going to redo my 55 for a group of discus.

Ha Ha! Lucky you! You don't have to waste money on diamonds My brother's lady demands them LOL! We will be moving to Florida in about 2-3 years and I will have a 72" tank! I am determined to have my own space in our new home where I can have my awesome tank, my art studio and my plush hu hu huuuuuu < that devil is smiling BTW.

I will continuously update the process. I have started a rescape thread to share with everyone interested. It's titled "My ever-evolving tank".
Have fun doing your rescape Are you going to dedicate a thread to your rescape? Hope so. I love following others journey's with their aquarium hobby.

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