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Sorry that you have to deal with all of that - it doesn't sound like fun. If I could be so bold to share 2 thoughts I was having though...

1 - You said it turns out this thing wasn't worth flipping out about. I have been finding out lately that actually most things in life aren't worth flipping out about. Someone said to me yesterday "I have been through so many life threatening and dangerous situations in my life and none of them have ever happened to me." I know it's not always that easy... but if it's any help.

2 - I have found that in hindsight school was actually a lot easier than the real world can be. Somehow it just feels worse at the time. We did projects that we had a week to work on in school that I have a half day or day to do at my job now, and it's actually easier than when I was in school. It will all come together, I'm sure!!

Good luck.
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